The products in this category listed here are not part of Alpha High end stock, they are consigned goods, meaning they are offered through our services to be sold to the public at large.

With the possibility to sell through a physical hifi store the seller frees himself of looking for customers, making demos in his private home (not so safe) and gives the advantage of offering the buyer

A) good demo facilities
B) trained and knowledgeable salespeople who can advise with some objectiveness
C) certain agreed time as warranty, so not to be buying defective goods.


We are dealing in this category with used equipment, so there is wear & tear a full warranty is therefore not to be expected, however no one likes to buy a ‘lemon’ id est a real not functioning item, unless they are able to fix it themselves or use for spare parts ..but they want to know this and not be surprised, price should also be in accordance.

We therefore ask the people who consign their goods if there are problems and we generally test the products, but alas we cannot do long testing on each product and testing each and every feature is mostly impossible.

Therefore, we offer a 30-day warranty so that the buyer can find out if it is OK or not. If a product is found to have a fault, we request the buyer to notify us in the 30 days by mail giving a description of the fault.

Either we choose to repair this at the cost of the consigner (the owner, not Alpha) or offer full refund which will cover only the amount paid for the goods. Transport costs are not covered! If the seller offers a longer warranty, we will mention this. Warranty does not cover any external damages which may occur because of defect (eg a amplifier blows up a speaker …)

AS IS means no warranty whatsoever, goods are sold as they are visually. Prices are pick up prices, delivery can be arranged against a fee or per agreement, we ship worldwide if possible.


If you are interested in a product featured please do not hesitate to contact us to order or to ask more information, we will do our best to reply asap. Goods are not sold till payment has been received by us or straight to owner, as per our instructions. Goods are sold without VAT (used)